Bruce Andrews & Das Ausland


– Live Improv Performance –

02. Oktober um 20:00 Uhr

Frappant e.V.

(Zugang über Hofeinfahrt Bodenstedtstr. 16)



Bruce Andrews and Das Ausland will team up to explore & explode but also establish & extend connections in a collaborative live­editing­cum­free­improv performance.

Bruce Andrews... a radical poet, art theorist, and political scientist based in New York City since the 1970s, who has maintained a consistent position and prolific record of activism at the radical edge of the contemporary avant­garde.


As the The Oxford Companion to 20th Century Literature puts it, Andrews is “a performance artist and poet whose texts are some of the most radical of the Language school; his poetry tries to cast doubt on each and every ‘natural’ construction of language.” The deconstructive impulse of his work that critiques “the establishment’s strategic project of already appropriating sense & already making use of it” is coupled with a constructivist contextualization of the subject. A praxis that aims at “repossessing spaces & relations & articulation.”


Andrews is the author of more than thirty collections of poetry and performance scores, including Give Em Enough Rope (1987), Ex Why Zee (1995), Lip Service (2001), and You Can’t Have Everything ... Where Would You Put It! (2011) as well as numerous critical essays.


Since the mid­1980s he has been the sound designer and music director for Sally Silvers and Dancers. Andrews has developed an innovative practice of “live editing” of poetic texts in performance (with Silvers and other movement improvisers along with improvising musicians, including Tom Cora, Vernon Reid, Joseph Jarman, Butch Morris, Leo Smith, and Alex Waterman), intentionally montaging a wide range of radically heterogeneous bits and pieces of language and discourse in paratactic arrays. He has also collaborated with experimental composer Michael Schumacher and experimental filmmaker Henry Hills.



Andrews @ Pennsound, UC Berkeley and Zinc Bar NYC

Andrews & Silvers at The Poetry Project NYC

Andrews in “Money” (1985)

Andrews & Marcio­Andre in Rio de Janeiro

Das Ausland... a free improvisation four piece based in Hamburg and Berlin. Breaking away from genre­based idiomatic musical expressions such as post­punk, hardcore, noise rock, and no wave, Das Ausland seeks to channel the energy of such forms and practices into freer and more informal musical expression and collective improvisation, flirting with constructivist noise and the radical legacy of the New Black Music. Struggle is mandatory. To sync or swarm, that is the question. Das Ausland is Dennis Büscher­Ulbrich (Drums and Percussion), Philipp Günzel (Moog, Guitar), Max Römer (Saxophone, Bass), and Tim Schirmag (Guitar, Electronics).



Das Ausland live cut A, live cut B, live cut C, live cut D and live cut E

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