»Der Vierte Raum« Open Call 2023


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Frappant Galerie »Der Vierte Raum« Open Call 2023

Der Vierte Raum (the fourth space) calls on all digital artists, designers, architects, coders and activists to apply with an exhibition concept for Der Vierte Raum in 2023. Der Vierte Raum is a dynamic platform for conceptual, time based and performative exhibition formats. It happens outside the realm of the white cube and is meant to function as an extension of the Hamburg project space Frappant Galerie to create new contextual meaning.

Der Vierte Raum is an integral part of the Frappant Gallery, a non-commercial white cube in the middle of a larger, cooperatively managed center for alternative culture, education, creative industries and social affairs in Hamburg-Altona.
The Frappant e.V. has existed since 2009. We are actively involved in the Hamburg network of independent art venues ART OFF HAMBURG and work in close contact with important art institutions and the media. The Frappant e.V.

The exhibition program is funded by the Hamburg Authority for Culture and Media.

We give preference to:

— digital formats including algorithms, bots, discussions, films, online projects, performances, sounds, mapping, experiments and essays;
— (Trans-)National and international artists;
— Projects that observe, critique, question, queer, redesign, deconstruct and that offer alternative perspectives to the western heteronormative points of view.

What we offer:

Arising out of the constraints of the pandemic, we developed the concept of an additional 4th, webbased gallery room, which offers a curated program and can be visited in perpetuity.
For the year 2023 we would like to expand the platform by presenting a new online/hybrid exhibition/piece every 90 days for a total of 4 exhibitions in a row.

Exhibition examples can be found on Instagram @frappantgalerie + @dervierteraum and online: dervierteraum.org

Who can apply:

Professionally working digital artists, designers, architects, coders and activists, who have ap- plied with a meaningful, written exhibition concept that has been accepted by Der Vierte Raum curatorial team will be given the chance to exhibit on the online platform. Applicants should have qualifications in an artistic or curatorial practice.

Applications can be submitted to bewerbung@frappant.org until November 7th 2022.
The application should be a single PDF. The file needs to contain the name of the submitter (last name_first name_DVR) and must not exceed 10 MB in size (please do not send video or audio examples as an additional file, but send them via hyperlink or file transfer link)

The application must contain the following information:
— Exhibition concept (approx. 1-2 DIN A4 pages), which relates to a central theme and to the spa- tial conditions of Der Vierte Raum being aware of the structural flexibility of the online platform;
— Information on the participating artist(s) (each with CV, max. 1 Din A4 page per artist);
— Picture gallery with exemplary works by the participating artists;
— Appointment preferences and schedule.

Applications that do not meet these requirements or are received late will not be considered. The DerVierteRaum team will decide whether the application will be included in the exhibition program at the beginning of November 2022. However, a binding commitment can only be made once Frappant e.V. has received a funding approval for 2023 from the Hamburg Authority for Culture and Media (probably at the end of 2022). We will inform all applicants by e-mail and ask for your understanding that this may not happen until December 2022.
We hope that we have given you sufficient information and look forward to receiving your appli- cations!