Guesting the Lobby of Hotel Caesura

An exhibition by Tristan Kold, Frederik Albrecht, Mille Qvist and Sikker August


Guesting the Lobby of Hotel Caesura

We would like to welcome you to Hotel Caesura, a place appearing out
of the blue.
Whether clear or cloudy skies, a welcoming shelter - for a while, that is.
Be a guest. But be cautious with the time spent, or you’ll end up
permanently residing.

Opening*: Freitag, 5 Juni 2020 16-21 uhr
Öffnungszeiten: 06.6. - 10.6.,  jeden tag 12-18 uhr
Finissage*: Donnerstag, 11/6 16-21 uhr


* ++++ACHTUNG: die Ausstellung endet am Donnerstag! UND: es gelten die aktuell vorgeschriebenen Hygieneregeln++++