Sculpt a piece into a player

Mediaart, Objects, Installation by:

Jakob Sitter, Julia Wolkenhauer


Opening: 13. August 2021, 19 Uhr
Times: 14.+15. August 2021, Sat+Sun 14-19 h

Sculpt a piece into a player is a group exhibition between Julia Wolkenhauer and Jakob Sitter that utilizes digital technologies, materiality, and spatiality to explore the ongoing relationship between inhabitants, agents, users, visitors and their surroundings. Interested in infrastructure space, the artists present different positions where space might be a by-product of the contemporary necessities of digitalisation, marketing, or a playground for various inhabitants. This space is a reflection upon nature, technologies, and the environments it provides. Digitality is part of our new reality: it provides an infrastructure that might autonomously grow and develop while potentially, at the same time, be restrictive and calculated.
The exhibition features three cross-space installations, exploring diverse experiences and interactions.